I am an Electronics Engineer with a strong passion for teaching. Pursuing my calling I have been teaching students across various age groups and backgrounds to achieve success in Engineering and Medical entrance examinations since 1990 in Bhopal (M.P.) With a desire to increase the reach of my experience and knowledge, especially for the students with limited access to city education, I have launched Video lectures of my original classroom lectures in Physics, Chemistry and Maths. These Video lectures, available in DVDs/SD Card/USB are of great help to students of classes IIT JEE, NEET / AIPMT, 11th and 12th (Science group) and other similar competitive examinations. * The lectures are like `Movie Pictures' which we often watch on TV –DVD player or personnel computers, with resolution format of mp4 (720 x 400 pixels). You can watch the lectures on Mobile phone also with SD Card. डीवीडी में व्याख्यान चलचित्र की तरह है जिसे टीवी-डीवीडी प्लेयर, कंप्यूटर, लैपटॉप पर देखा जा सकता है, जो हम अक्सर देखा करते है. चलचित्र का प्रारूप MP4 (720 x 400 पिक्सेल्स) का है जिसे आप स्मार्ट फ़ोन पर भी देख सकते है । व्याख्यान अंग्रेजी व् हिंदी दोनों भाषा में मिश्रित है. Content quality of lecture is excellent, Explanation is in English and Hindi mixed, which gives an interesting impact on student’s mind. Student will feel that he is actually attending the real class-room lecture. Doubts-helpline is available through E-mail.

You are free to contact me personally at my no. +91 9893023210 (9 AM - 8 PM) or mail me at alokguptaclasses@gmail.com . You can also call me through WhatsApp.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the advantages in opting for Coaching through DVDs ?
(i) You can watch it at a suitable time, as convenient to you.
 (ii) You can watch it as many times as  you wish.
 (iii)  You can review it many times.
 (iv) It will save your time of travel  to any classes, minimum 2 hrs.  daily.
 (v)  Most important is that full course is in your hand. No tension of completion of the course.
 (vi) No tension of parents to send their ward in crowd and traffic.
 (vii) It is very economical (nearly 
    50% of fees).
 (viii) You can share or re-sale it after completion   of exams.  
What are the disadvantage       in opting DVDs ?
  (i) Personnel attention of teacher is
      missing. It is same as attending a
 class of 100 students.
 (ii) Immediate problem solving facility  is not available.
 (iii) Is there any disadvantage in 
   withdrawing  the money   
       through ATM not directly from  
      Bank ! which is convenient ?
Will the DVD stop after some time ?
No, It will work infinitely.
Can we make a copy of the content ?
Yes, you can copy the content for future use. But you can’t sale it to others.
Is there any guarantee / warrantee on DVDs ?
Yes, we provide 1 year warrantee on DVDs.
If some DVD is found defective, then what can I do ?
Simply SMS or Email us mentioning your Receipt No., Date and chapter code. We will dispatch another fresh copy after checking.
Will there be call centre support ?
Call us at : +91 9893023210 (8 AM to 8 PM),
Send an E-mail to us : alokguptaclasses@gmail.com
Can I get only DVDs or only Class-Notes or Test papers ?
No, Because lectures on DVDs and Notes are complementary to each other. Although Test papers can be purchased separately.
Is there any need to join coaching class after watching these videos ?
No, this is the recording of original class-room lectures.
Is there any need to solve more questions from other books ?
Although questions given in booklet are sufficient, but we suggest to practice more questions from different books.